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Hand blenders are often used to make smoothies

A turbo function hand blender is a type of kitchen appliance that is used for blending and pureeing foods. It typically consists of a long, narrow wand-like device with a sharp blade at the bottom and a motor at the top. The turbo function allows the user to quickly blend ingredients by increasing the power of the motor. Hand blenders are often used to make smoothies, puree soups, and mix sauces and dressings. They are convenient because they can be easily held in the hand and do not take up much counter space.

A detachable stainless steel (SS) leg on a hand blender refers to a part of the appliance that can be easily removed for cleaning. This can be helpful because it allows the user to easily clean the blade and other parts of the hand blender that may be difficult to reach otherwise. The detachable leg is typically made of stainless steel, which is a durable and easy-to-clean material that resists corrosion and stains. By making the leg detachable, the manufacturer of the hand blender has made it easier for the user to maintain the appliance and keep it in good working condition.