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200W Hand Blender JK200A

A 200 watt (W) hand blender is a kitchen appliance with a motor that has a power rating of 200 watts. The wattage of a hand blender determines how powerful the motor is and, in turn, how quickly and effectively it can blend or puree ingredients. A 200 watt hand blender is generally less powerful than models with higher wattages, and may not be as effective at blending thicker or harder ingredients. However, it may be suitable for lighter blending tasks and may be more energy-efficient and less expensive than more powerful models. It is important to choose a hand blender with a wattage that is appropriate for your needs and the ingredients you will be blending.

A contoured handle on a hand blender is a handle that is shaped or molded to fit comfortably in the hand of the user. This can be helpful because it allows the user to grip the handle more easily and comfortably, which can make using the hand blender more convenient and enjoyable. Contoured handles are often designed to fit the natural shape of the hand, with a curved or ergonomic shape that conforms to the contours of the fingers and palm. This can help to reduce hand fatigue and strain, especially when using the hand blender for an extended period of time. A contoured handle may be made of a variety of materials, such as plastic, rubber, or metal.