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Citrus Juicer With Non-Slip Feet

A citrus juicer with non-slip feet can be a convenient and safe option for juicing citrus fruits. Non-slip feet help to keep the juicer in place on the countertop, which can be especially important when using a heavy juicer or when juicing large quantities of fruit. Non-slip feet can also help to prevent spills and accidents, which can be a concern when working with wet and slippery fruits. Some citrus juicers may also have non-slip grips on the handle or other parts of the juicer to provide additional stability and safety when using the device.

A non-drip spout is a feature found on some types of juice pitchers or jugs that helps to prevent drips and spills when pouring. Non-drip spouts are designed with a lip or other feature that helps to keep the juice contained within the spout until it is released by the user. This can be especially useful when serving juice to guests or when storing the juice in the refrigerator to prevent drips and messes. Non-drip spouts can also help to conserve juice by reducing spills and waste. Some non-drip spouts may also have additional features such as a built-in stopper or a lockable spout to help prevent accidental spills.