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The wattage of the hand blender determines the power of the motor

A 600/800 watt (W) hand blender is a kitchen appliance with a motor that has a power rating of either 600 or 800 watts. The wattage of a hand blender determines how powerful the motor is and, in turn, how quickly and effectively it can blend or puree ingredients. In general, a hand blender with a higher wattage will be more powerful and able to blend thicker or harder ingredients more easily. However, it is also important to note that hand blenders with higher wattages may be more expensive and use more energy.

A hand blender with 2 speed or variable speed control allows the user to adjust the speed at which the blade rotates. This can be useful because it allows the user to choose the appropriate speed for the ingredients being blended and the desired consistency. For example, a slower speed might be suitable for blending softer ingredients or for achieving a smoother puree, while a higher speed might be better for blending harder ingredients or for creating a coarser texture. Some hand blenders may have a simple 2-speed control with low and high settings, while others may have a more complex variable speed control that allows the user to adjust the speed over a wider range.