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Hand Blender JK1161A/B, Stainless Blade

A hand blender with a stainless steel blade is a kitchen appliance that uses a blade made of stainless steel for blending and pureeing ingredients. Stainless steel is a popular material for hand blender blades because it is durable, resistant to corrosion, and easy to clean. It is also a food-safe material that is unlikely to react with or contaminate the ingredients being blended. A stainless steel blade can be effective at blending a wide variety of ingredients, including both soft and hard foods. It is also less prone to dulling or breaking than some other types of blades.

A hang-up loop on a hand blender is a small loop or hook that is located on the handle or body of the appliance. It is typically made of plastic or metal and is used to hang the hand blender on a hook or rack when it is not in use. The hang-up loop can be a convenient feature because it allows the user to easily store the hand blender in a convenient location, such as on a kitchen wall or in a cabinet, without taking up counter space. It can also help to keep the hand blender within easy reach when it is needed.